• Client - Avenue Regent
  • Type - Hospitality
  • Location - Ernakulam, Kerala
  • Area - 500 Sq.ft.
  • Year - 2018

  • Photographs
  • Jayadev Kesavankutty

Mezzo, one of the most happening lounge bars in Kochi was to be refurbished into a space which had a warm, intimate character during the day when it functioned as a diner, while transforming into a pulsating lounge bar at night. The challenge was also to ensure that the functioning of the hotel and the coffee shop were undisturbed while conforming to the strict budgets and timelines.

The interiors were redesigned to create lounge spaces and dining spaces and also a mix of both, depending on the proximity to the bar counter. A continuous loop of sinuous gold finish tubes hang below the ceiling and subtly define the seating spaces. The flowing lines are classy and add a touch of playfulness to the interiors. Down lights are carefully integrated into the support of these tubes, ensuring that they do not stand out, but form part of the design. The thoughtfully done lighting creates a trendy ambience at night while filtered natural light during the daytime imparts warmth.

A long vertical green wall on the farther side forms the backdrop of the outdoor smoking area and contrasts nicely with the polished black of the bar counter on the adjacent side and defines the usable space in between. The richness of wood accentuates the gold finish tubes and the deep red leather of the upholstery which gets highlighted on the reused dark wooden flooring to create a vibrant, hip space.



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The inviting entrance offers glimpses into the vibrant spaces inside.

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